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Dogs Bite Kids, Rye PD Bites Dog Owners

After a couple of kids were bitten by dogs last weekend, Rye PD reminds residents to restrain their four legged beasts:

From Rye PD:

The Rye City Code requires that dogs must be leashed, when not on their owners’ premises, by a leash not more than eight feet long. The law applies to all public spaces, including Rye Town Park.

Although many residents and non-residents view Rye Town Park as a “dog park,” it is not, and the rights of non-dog owners to the use and enjoyment of the park must be respected. At this time of the year, warmer weather leads to greater use of the park by walkers, families, and children. Many are uncomfortable or fearful around dogs, and the potential for conflict between people and unrestrained pets increases. This past weekend, in fact, two small children were bitten by unleashed dogs.

The Town of Rye, the Rye Town Park Commission, and the Friends of Rye Town Park have asked that we assist in informing the public of their policy: dogs must be leashed in Rye Town Park. Warnings will be given to violators by park staff, and if necessary, summonses will be issued by the City of Rye Police Department.

We hope, however, that cooperation, voluntary compliance with the law, and mutual respect for the rights of both dog owners and non-owners to the safe use of their public spaces will allow all parties to enjoy this beautiful park during the season.

Questions may be referred to Police Commissioner William R. Connors at (914) 967-1234.

  1. There really is a Rye City Code? For who? Boy, that’s a new one for me. Mr. Connors is likely simply pre-texting a crackdown at the behest of his compromised superiors in Rye’s crony driven administration. And making a mountain out of a Jack Russell molehill is a new tawdry classic. Two bitten bleeding boys are absolutely zero joke and the offending dog owners should be fully responsible for their unsocial-zed animal’s assaults. Nobody should excuse this – nobody defends this kind of bad act. But it does not represent the vast majority of animal owners who have worked diligently at improving and maintaining RTP in the absence – make that dereliction – of traditional park management since hurricane Sandy last fall. Shame on these divisive patronizing politico fools – Mr. French, Mr. Carvin, and the rest. They resent the RTP dog walker group’s grass roots park oversight and repairs and others publicly pointing out their managerial shortcomings. Want an example? There is STILL gravel from the beach walkway covering the grass near the pagoda.

    So now they’ve pivoted to show the volunteer ground crews “the rule of law.” Want to see how THEY practice that the law? Behold Mr. Connors and his top lieutenant both involved in serious Rye City lawsuits because they hit members of the public while driving their city owned cars while blabbing on their city owned cell phones. This week’s Rye Sound Shore Review profiles one of these stories which they LIED about the circumstances of last year when it first happened. I understand the Rye City Code indicates there is no “dog park” permitted in Rye City police vehicles either. Probably for safety reasons.


  2. Ted, I almost refuse to use RTP anymore because the dog off a leash situation is so bad. You really can’t enjoy the park without worrying about a huge dog running over to you. And for a fact I know of many unreported incidents where dogs have bitten or attacked children. I own a dog an love them but they are to be on a leash and many people ignore the law and say oh my dog is a good dog. Thing is you may have a great dog but they are an animal and like any animal you don’t know how they may react at any anytime. Many people think the park is a dog park which is not true of course. State law states in public parks dogs need to be on a leash besides local laws of course as well. RTP should place more signs and police should enforce it. But just like pedestrian , school safety and regular patrol duties cops can’t be everywhere. But if 1 cop took 10 min in the middle of the day or morning and wrote just one ticket there daily, this problem would end real quick.


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