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Osborn Principal on Cheating Allegations: “Complex and Serious Matter”

Calling it a "complex and serious matter" Osborn Principal Angela Garcia sent a note to parents Sunday in regards to the "cheating" allegations at Osborn. Rumors and reports have been flying about who did and did not do what and the treatment of various actors in the wake of the mess including teachers, parents and kids. In short, Garcia says thanks for the engagement and understand the school just can't say that much right now:

June 9, 2013

Dear Osborn Parents:

My appointment as Principal of Osborn School continues to be the highlight of my professional experience as an educator.  I am blessed with a strong faculty, supportive parents, and the most incredible children in Westchester County.  As you know, we have faced many great challenges this school year, including the new state evaluation mandates, new Common Core Learning Standards, the impact of Hurricane Sandy, and the horrific events in Newtown, CT.  Such external circumstances often affect our actions in schools.

The allegations of testing irregularities at Osborn School have been both difficult and stressful for all of us.  School officials and personnel are required by New York State to report any and all allegations of testing misconduct by an educator or other adult involved in testing. There are many unfortunate consequences of such allegations that involve our entire learning community.  Some parents have asked questions about the allegations and investigation process.  It is extremely challenging for us to communicate about this issue due to legal constraints and the confidentiality of personnel matters.

I greatly appreciate and am touched by the outpouring of concern for our teachers and children.  Caring and cooperation are such important qualities that permeate all our work together.  I hope you will continue to respect the sensitive nature of this complex and serious matter.  Whatever its outcome, I am confident that our Osborn School community will be even stronger than before.

Thank you for your support of our school and children!

Angela Garcia
Osborn Principal

  1. I can appreciate that the teachers must be reassigned during any active investigation of wrong doing on their part. I can understand why the schools had to question students on the matter without gaining prior parental consent.

    The question I keep wondering is “why were teachers instructed to individually proctor their own class’s exams, especially if the stakes are so high that an allegation could have such extreme consequences?”

    Unless the SED specifically *required* teachers to proctor their own exams, then allowing teachers to do so is a major oversight to say the least, and the administration is culpable of any wrongdoing.


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