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Parker Files to Run, 50% Signatures from Rye

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Catherine Parker, the Rye City Councilwoman  running for County Legislator, has collected the requisite signatures to run for office. Parker's people reported the "campaign has filed nearly 800 signatures on designating petitions for the Democratic line.  Only 500 signatures were required…"

Fifty percent of the signatures were from Rye City residents, according to her PR man Jake Dilemani.

“As the lone Democrat on the Rye City Council, I have shown the ability to stand up for progressive values while at the same time respecting the people I serve with.  I believe good ideas come from people, not parties and should be judged by how they will benefit the community and I’m pleased that the Independence Party has endorsed my candidacy for that exact reason.  I believe we face many non-partisan challenges like tax reduction, government efficiency and flood mitigation that will require regional and collaborative solutions.”

Parker elect banner

Parker will also be on the Independence Party line after submitting those designating petitions with an excess of signatures.

  1. Here we go again Rye wanabe Tartagleone wants to run Rye ,all its departments ,and its elections.
    Just because he can’t run that run down Island.

    Let Rye be Rye Mr. wannabe, ask not for whom the bells toll,
    its for thee

  2. West Nile Virus (WNV) in not native to Rye, it first arrived in the U.S. through entry in NYS in 1999. Thousands of Milton Point yacht and beach club patrons and Rye residents have zero natural immunity to WNV – nor other newly introduced exotic deadly mosquito borne diseases. Hen Island’s crude disheveled cistern tanks hold over 30 THOUSAND gallons of stagnant stored rainwater. Mosquitoes continue to access these systems, breed and hatch by the tens of thousands and circulate throughout Rye and Mamaroneck at will.
    Try refusing a Rye City Police Officer when he tells you to empty your half-gallon bird bath. Tell him YOU have “private property rights.” Tell him he has no right to trespass and no right to issue summons’s for public health infractions. Go ahead – try it.


    – Comprehensive engineering and construction studies of 3 islands – $25K
    – Potable deep water wells drilled and lined on each of 3 islands – $30K
    – Potable water sealed well water holding tank & equipment – 3 islands – $15K
    – Sanitary sewer septic field engineering studies for 2 islands – $10K
    – Sanitary sewage holding tank engineering study of 1 island – $5K
    – Legally permitted & inspected group sanitary sewer installations – 3 islands – $75K
    – Demolition of multiple illegal non-conforming sewage pits and outhouses – $10K
    – Removal of all illegal demolished systems & materials from the islands – $10K
    – SUBTOTAL of all of the above – $180K

    – Spent by tiny seasonal resident minority fighting to prevent the above to date – $450K+

    – A Clean, Safe & Legal Milton Harbor for all Rye Residents & Visitors…


  3. Catherine,

    You are not a registered Democrat. You abandoned the Democratic Party when you realized you couldn’t get elected in Rye as a Democrat. Now it seems you want to be a Democrat again because this may be your only chance to get elected.

    You bring the term flip flopper to a whole new level of trash.

    We are ready to put you on the trash heap right next to Suzanna Keith.

  4. Flash-forward Friday:

    Mr. Otis, Mr. Plunkett and Mr. Shew – thank you for attending today’s long awaited hearing on the municipal irregularities and malfeasance at the Rye Golf Club while you three were the senior fiduciaries of the City Of Rye. Please raise your right hands and repeat after me:

    “I do solemnly swear that the answers I give today will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.”



  5. To TheWryRecord,

    You know, when I first moved to Rye almost 10 years ago, my broker assured me that it was a first class town, but when viewing your post today and those of a select group of others, clearly that was just a sales pitch for which I fell for “hook line and sinker.” There are no political parties with strict ideologies anymore, but perhaps you are recalling 1950’s McCarthyism. Catherine Parker has the right and, considering her experience as a two term ELECTED Councilwoman, the obligation to run under any flag she so sees fit notwithstanding what appears on a voter registration card at the Board of Elections! You also neglected to mention that the Republican ticket in Rye has nominated a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT and that Dr. Cavollo, Chairman of the Independence party, historically endorsers of the Democratic line with a few recent exceptions, have endorsed the Republican ticket in Rye. To put it as simply as possible, residents are looking for the best people to run the city and the county regardless of party affiliation. I expect Catherine Parker to eloquently debate the issues this season, run a strong race, and if it is not in the cards for her, I wouldn’t mind sitting next to or across from her on the City Council come January 2014…Democrat to Democrat to make the fantasy of my broker a reality. Lastly, regarding your partisan comment, I suggest you print it and the next time pass that “trash heap” you refer to, why don’t you just drop it in, but don’t blow the cover of the rest of your classless buddies nestled within.

  6. G.O.POX – Schubert Tormentor Alfano in Pathetic Power Play

    The local VFW chapter was all behind Bob Schubert and his fight to restore water flows to the historic Forest Avenue Swamp. All behind Bob until right after Doug French became Mayor based in large measure because of the public outcry about the “Schubert’s Pond” destruction brought about by our good government reform group (including members of the VFW) in support of Schubert. After the successful election of Mr. French VFW members were shocked when John Alfano suddenly told them they could no longer support Member Schubert in his fight to uncover the documented crimes perpetrated by city and elected officials to cause, and then cover up, this purposeful wetland destruction for money. Many members did not agree. Many members saw the rank hypocrisy for exactly what it was – Alfano a big French booster – telling VFW members the issue was now “political” and contrary to VFW policy to “get involved in politics.” Schubert, a deeply honorable man, was hurt to the core. His supporters, however, were galvanized. So the below newly reported pathetic power play is exactly zero surprise. Shame on everyone supporting such craven selfish foolishness, contrary to the interests of Rye.



  7. TEDC:
    Your twisted pov on local municpal issues proves your adolescent head injuries occured driving Playland’s bumper cars is the explantion for your fantasy statements. Did you notice Schubert’s $4.0m+ property listing highlight’s a tidal pond??

  8. Garnet Graduate you’re a silly boy. And playing a dangerous game. The science is done, the testimony is done, the confessions of crimes are done, the missing documents are recovered, and The Forest Avenue Swamp’s 20,000 gallon a day fresh water flow source is being diverted right where we told you and Otis and the city at large it is going. It’s all coming out. And maybe even in time for Ms. Parker to “sully her reputation.” Stay happy my friend.

  9. Jay, take this crap down. The name-calling and innuendos are bad enought, but there is no need for this (true or not).

    Let’s try a little civility here. We see enough of this at the monthly City Council meetings.

  10. I would like to wish Catherine the best of luck on this very important day. It is my hope that everyone can see how hard she has worked over the years to be in the position that she is in. Rye along with Westchester could not have asked for a better person to represent us. Catherine is devoted-honest-caring and trustworthy.

  11. Avg.,

    “Jay, why do you allow this on your website? Was this how you envisioned the website to be when you launched it?”

    Because Jay Sears is no better, he would rather be in the ranks of the “STOOGE CREW”!!!

    Last week PSL personally attacked Julie Killian, I sent Jay a private email respectfully requesting that the post be removed, not only did he not remove it he couldn’t even be bothered to answer my email.

    Last year just a day or two after the Newton shooting he posted his monthly Council Meeting post, in one of the bullets he used the term “DEATH”….I found it in poor taste, poor judgment & definitely bad timing, again I wrote him a private email and again he showed us his true colors.

    My opinion, Jay Sears has fallen to a “heartless despicable level”!!!

    There will be a huge breaking story on me breaking any day now, watch how fast Jay Sears uses me on this deplorable blog!!!

    I am done with this pathetic blog and it’s owner, we are wasting our time with this tool.

    Remember when Jay fought extra hard for that Stop Sign in his neighborhood back in 2006….guess who I caught running Stop Signs in that neighborhood???


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