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Scavenger Hunt and Fresh Farm Food, Sunday


Down to Earth Markets is introducing a new scavenger hunt, "Jessie's Picnic Shopping Trip," where they invite kids to learn about the (edible) treasures at the farmers market every Sunday. The market is located in the parking lot behind the Purchase Street
stores and open every Sunday through December 15th, from 8:30am to 2:00pm.

Jessie, a girl of about 7 years of age, is gathering food at the market for a picnic with her family and she needs some help. Starting this weekend, visit Ludy at the Market Manager's tent and ask
for a copy of "Jessie's Picnic Shopping Trip" for your little shopping
helpers. In case anybody gets stuck, the farmers and food vendors will be ready to help, too — especially with Jessie's question about traveling to the market. (OK, that's the only hint about what's in store…)

Currently, the farmers have fresh peaches, berries, corn, eggplants, lettuces, sweet peppers…just for starters. Rye's Down to Earth Farmers Market also has artisanal breads, baked goods, cheeses, pickles, pasture-raised meat and poultry, locally-roasted nuts and coffees, prepared foods to go, and more.


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