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Parker and Murphy Disagree on Rye Playland in Debate

Last Wednesday Rye city Councilwoman Catherine Parker and former Mamaroneck village Trustee Tom Murphy, who are facing off in a Democratic primary on September 10th for Judy Myer's Westchester Board of Legislator spot, debated the issues.

LoHud had the report and it appeared the only thing they disagreed on (according to the report) was Playland. Read it:

"One of the topics on which the candidates disagreed was the selection of the nonprofit Sustainable Playland by County Executive Rob Astorino to run the amusement park. Board of Legislators Chairman Ken Jenkins is challenging the agreement, made without board approval, in court.

“The county executive has rushed to judgment,” Murphy said. “We should wait for the Board of Legislators to do their job and complete their report on what the economic implications are. We should make sure it is affordable and accessible and maintain it for the future.”

Parker, a Rye city liaison for Playland and supporter of the agreement, said the park has suffered from “benign neglect” for years.

“It needs a major facelift. (Sustainable) will bring in new businesses, restaurants and a kayak launch, fields, many things that are necessary and wonderful to have in this community.”…

“To me, Playland falls under the ‘nice-to-have,’ ” she said.

Murphy said he disagreed Playland was a “nice-to-have” and said it was the only source of entertainment for many in the community.

The primary is Sept. 10. The Republican candidate in November is John Verni of New Rochelle."

Read the LoHud piece.


  1. I agree with Murphy. We should wait and see if it is sustainable. If it costs too much, it will be a drain on the city and the county and should then be developed in such a way as to provide tax dollars to cover the costs of running the facility.

  2. I said it on Lo-Hud and I will repeat it here.
    If you watch this video you will see how Ms. Parker speaks from both sides of her mouth. It has been her failure to take a position and make a decision on many important issues. She has failed to protect the health and safety of the residents of Rye for years. Actions speak louder than words! Parker on a County level is a big mistake.

  3. Ms. Sykes,
    Playland now as it is, is unsustainable. Its losing money. I also laugh how all these people against the change haven’t been to playland in years or decades. Everyone hates change but you know what sometimes it has to happen. I am not saying demolish all of playland but I like their plan and keeping the iconc rides. Plus most of the people who visit playland are not county residents. Yet the liberal/ democrat argument is the opposite. It needs a facelift badly. When the place was called Paradise park and extended into some of the now residential areas and upper flagpole area it was starting to fall apart and at the time the undesirables. Playland doesn’t have an extreme problem of undesirables. Maybe 20 years ago when city gangs were hanging out there yes it was a problem. And thats a fact because talk to any cop from back them who worked there and they will tell you it was bad. Today the place just needs a change and facelift without tearing down the iconic stuff. It already loses money.

  4. The LOWV did not permit audience questions last week, believing that their own questions covered the pertinent topics of this election. I look forward to Catherine Parker answering specific questions re: her record on the Council, including: 1) her involvement in the Rye Golf Club scandal (Mayor French said in a July 2012 email that he and Catherine would report back to the Council, nothing happened until an October 2012 investigation was launched- and not by Catherine’s doing…) 2) Her position on City Manager Pickup (Catherine has refused to take a public position on Scott Pickup’s job performance. The Council met in Executive Session multiple times and never made any formal announcement or took a vote) 3) Why numerous “ideas” she voiced from the dais never made it onto an agenda, and were never discussed further nor acted upon (including restructuring the City Ethics Board) 4) Why it is okay to pipe sewage into the ground as long as you only do it 4 months of the year and water tests don’t indicate unacceptable amounts of bacteria (Hen Island).


    This Playland update is just in from someone involved in sun-lighting the Sustainable Playland charade, of which Ms. Parker is a card carrying member. News peg here is that the amorphous ‘deadline’ for the SPI “plan” has been kicked backwards once again.

    “I (also) wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it’s because the whole deal they are trying to work out with Central Amusements is imploding. They want the keys to our 85 year old historic landmark, multi-million dollar operation park on October 1, 2013 and they won’t even have their “revised” operational plan submitted for review until Sept. 5th, 2013 – less than month before they want the good people of Westchester County to hand over management of the park to them.

    I’m also hearing through the grapevine that they have now whittled their “cash on the table when they walk in the door” amount down yet again…from the paltry $4 million it was last at to….ZERO. Zero dollars. $0.00. They want to take the park over without having a penny up front to do it. (Because, of course, the whole point of this thing was to correct the financial issues at the park, so suuuuure, that makes *perfect* sense.)

    That’s what I hear anyway. I could be wrong, but I’ve got a pretty good grapevine going at this point. This further delay is ridiculous. There is no excuse for anyone taking this group seriously for any reason at this point. Absolutely ridiculous.”

    Amen and Thank You Grapevine.

  6. Ray Tartagleone’s alter ego “Mr Flotie” is back. Joe since he is your man..give him an ennama to clean up his act.

    talk about strange bed fellows,
    squeeky clean Joe and Mr. Flotie.


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