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Comments on MyRye.com To Be Held Until After Election


Effective immediately, all new comments on MyRye.com stories will be held and not published until Wednesday, November 6th, 2013, after the general election.

Readers will be able to submit new comments on stories however all comments will be held for moderation and approval and no new comments will be posted during the suspension period.

We do encourage readers to contact MyRye.com with letters to the editor during this period. All letters must have the author clearly identified including a full address, email and phone number for verification. To improve the chances of a letter being published between now and the election, we recommend you ask a sitting Rye city council member or a candidate for city government to submit the letter on your behalf (still in your name).

We hope this change will help elevate the positive debate (and constructive criticism) on MyRye.com. We'll give all our readers an opportunity to comment on this policy just after the election.

Send your letters and see you on the other side of the election.


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