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Planning Commish Tuesday: American Yacht Violation, Yogurt Shop, Rye Golf Messes with Tidal Wetlands

Apparently clubs and wetlands don't mix…

At the planning commish Tuesday night the American Yacht Club is getting zapped for a wetlands violation and the Rye Golf Club is attempting to get permission to mess with tidal wetlands.


(PHOTO: Listing for 100 Purchase Street.)

In other news the old Chase bank at 100 Purchase Street looks like it is becoming a yogurt shop. We had too many banks anyway…

What do you think of the agenda items on the docket? Leave a comment below.

October 8, 2013 7:00 PM
Held in the City Council Hearing Room of the Rye City Hall


1. 41 Elm Place
Required Approval(s):
Wetland Permit (WP# 362)
Location: 41 Elm Place, Sheet 146.7, Block 2, Lot(s) 3
Applicant: Rex Gedney, Crozier Gedney Architects, P.C.
Project Description: Elevating existing building 5 feet to comply with FEMA flood elevations.

2. 979 Forest Avenue
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP# 365)
Location: 979 Forest Avenue, Sheet 153. 15, Block 1, Lot(s) 10
Applicant: George Whaling
Project Description: Proposing to lift the existing house to comply with the ABFE of El 14. The existing terrace will be raised and new landings and step will be required to reach grade from the new finished
floor height of El 16

3. 170 Soundview Avenue
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP# 364)
Location: 170 Soundview Avenue, Sheet 153.6, Block 3, Lot(s) 93
Applicant: Kelly Murdock
Project Description: Proposing to build a 375 sf addition to existing family home. 68 of the proposed
375 will be built on grade,with the remaining 307 to be built on an existing impervious surface.

1. 41 Elm Place
See Description Above

2. 979 Forest Avenue
See Description Above

3. 170 Soundview Avenue
See Description Above

4. Kuder Island Shoreline Wall
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP350)
Location: Hen Island, Sheet 159.5, Block 1, Lot 1
Applicant Kuder Island Colony Inc. c/o Benjamin Minard
Project Description: Proposed reconstruction of the existing shoreline interface with a concrete seawall.

5. American Yacht Club
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP#361) VIOLATION
Location: 499 Stuyvesant Avenue, Sheet 153.18, Block 1, Lot(s) 8
Applicant: American Yacht Club
Project Description: Permit to maintain crushed stone installed within an existing boat storage area without a wetland permit.

6. 100 Purchase Street
Required Approval(s):
Site Plan (SP#347) & Outdoor Dining (OD#08-2013)
Location: 100 Purchase Street, Sheet 146.07, Block 1, Lot(s) 16
Applicant: 100 Purchase Street
Project Description: Conversion of former bank to frozen yogurt establishment, including 500 square feet of seasonal outdoor dining.

7. 75 Wappanocca Avenue
Required Approval(s):
Modified Wetland Permit (WP#346)
Location: 75 Wappanocca Ave, Sheet 139.19, Block 2, Lot 13
Applicant: James & Kristin Murphy
Project Description: Modification of approved wetland permit associated withthe elevation and expansion of an existing residence. The revised plan includes the installation of a semi-pervious paver turn-around area required by Westchester County.

8. 83 Brevoort Lane
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP# 363)
Location: 83 Brevoort Lane, Sheet152.20, Block1, Lot(s)26
Applicant: Peter and Maria Hancock
Project Description: Relocate and raise the existing home above the GFE and add onto the structure.

9. Rye Golf Club
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP# 367)
Location: 330 Boston Post Road, Sheet 153.05, Block 3, Lot 72
Applicant:Rye Golf Club
Project Description: Proposed golf course improvements, portions of which occur within NYSDEC tidal wetland regulated areas.

10. 431 Grace Church Street
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit(WP#336)
Location: 431 Grace Church Street, Sheet 139.20, Block 1, Lot(s) 20
Applicant: Manning Residence
Project Description: Proposed addition work includes a 5 ft wide expansion of the mudroom at the front right corner of the house.


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