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Sack Bites Back with “Top 10 Jovanovich Misrepresentations About Joe Sack”

Rye Mayoral Candidate Joe Sack released the following document to MyRye.com this afternoon:

the final days before the election, my opponent and his political ally,
the outgoing mayor, have attempted to attack my character and
misrepresent my record, in a desperate attempt to draw attention away
from their own record on the council.  Rye deserves new positive
leadership, not the same old negative attacks.

Top 10 Jovanovich Misrepresentations About Joe Sack

10.          Joe Sack does not believe in sidewalksSeriously? 
Joe advocated for the sidewalks that were recently installed near our
schools.  Where appropriate, sidewalks are a good thing.  But Joe knows
we only have so much money to spend so you need to prioritize.

9.            Joe Sack does not support the librarySeriously?  The Sack Family has contributed to the library both in patronage and financially.  

8.            Joe Sack does not support Rye RecreationSeriously? 
All  of the Sack children are actively involved in Rye Rec programs and
Joe values the contributions that the Rec makes to the entire community
– from the very youngest to the very oldest. 

7.            Joe Sack did not vote in favor of the infrastructure bond.  Seriously? 
While Joe advocated for a slightly different bond than what was
ultimately put forward by the council, he absolutely agreed with and
supported all of the projects in the bond.   Joe also voted for the bond.  

6.            Joe Sack is not concerned with our public safetySeriously?  The
Sack Family has three school-age children.  Cross-walks and school
crossing are a priority.   But who is the best qualified people to do
this and what we should pay for these services deserves a serious

5.            Joe’s position on the police contract and police uniform bid were fiscally irresponsibleSeriously?  Joe
has pushed for a fair and fiscally-sound police contract that both
protects the taxpayers and respects the men and women who serve us.  In
contrast, Jovanovich has advocated a “grinding on” style of “not urgent”
negotiations  this approach has resulted in many long years of
contentious arbitration proceedings, costing the city hundreds of
thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees and lower productivity – but no
contract.  And just recently, the arbitrator just awarded the police a 3
percent raise, when they were only asking for 2.5 percent all along. 

4.            Joe favors big development.  Seriously? 
Joe has always advocated for a balanced approach between the rights of
the property owner and the impact on the community.  Ironically,
Jovanovich – while now trying to portray himself as someone who wants to
keep houses small – has himself applied for and received 3 separate
variances to increase the size of his house on Milton Point.  In
addition, Jovanovich pushed for a zoning change to allow for a new
60-unit apartment building in downtown Rye at the Lester’s site.  Joe
successfully  opposed that plan with a majority of his colleagues on the
council, not least of which because of the impact it would have had on
our already crowded schools. 

3.            A special interest group, specifically land developers, is trying to buy the campaign by contributing to the Rye United teamSeriously? 
Of course developers have contributed to Joe and the others on the Rye
United team.  So have many of the smallest home owners in Rye.  So have
many other people who fall in between.   Joe spent years on the zoning
board where he voted both for and against the developers.  But clearly,
they, like many others in Rye, respect Joe for his open and honest
decision making.  Anyone who has spent one minute watching Joe serve as a
city councilman knows that he is the most honest, independent elected
official around.

2.            Joe Sack Contributed to the golf club scandalSeriously? 
Joe raised concerns about the golf club management in July 2013 and had
to take the unprecedented act of filing a Freedom of Information Act to
get information when his efforts to get answers  were blocked.   Joe
built consensus on the council to hire an outside investigator who
uncovered unprecedented fraud, misstatements and mismanagement.   In
contrast, Jovanovich ridiculed the unfolding scandal as a “tiresome”
“mini-drama” and a “faux cause célèbre” that would “not amount to
anything more than a hill of beans.”  He could not have been more

1.            Joe is not a leaderSeriously?  A
leader treats people with respect and listens to all points of view
before making decisions.  That is what Joe does.  Unfortunately,  his
opponent belittles people and mocks many who come to voice their
concerns before the council.  Oh, and if you ever appear before the
council and pronounce his name wrong, be careful, he’ll correct you and
tell you to “practice it.”  Our community deserves a leader like Joe who
respects and serves all people of Rye.


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