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Future MyRye.com Publishers at Midland School

Check this out: we have some future MyRye.com publishers in our midst (psst: we are always looking for guest columnists!):


Mrs. Rowe’s third grade class at Midland School celebrated a mini-unit on blogging during the Second Annual Blogging Awards Ceremony, held on March 31. This “red carpet” event displayed gleaming trophies and even featured a velvet (streamer) rope VIP section for special guests. The class had eagerly anticipated this occasion after studying and participating in the world of blogging.


After kicking off the awards ceremony with a round of applause, students were presented with trophies recognizing various blogging accomplishments. The class had spent weeks blogging about their lives, animals, vacations, school events, friends, and art. They frequently commented on one another’s work, and learned all about the writing process through mini-lessons presented by their teacher.


As an introduction to the unit, the students studied professional blogs and watched a tutorial demonstrated by Mrs. Rowe. The class then utilized the free resource, www.kidblog.org, to name and design personal blogs. Students were ready for the next assignment: a two-week blogging challenge, which asked them to post once each day for ten school days. A blogging station was assembled in the classroom, and many students took opportunities to log in at home as well.


The blogging experience offered motivation for struggling or reluctant writers, while providing all students with the advanced opportunities to incorporate links, photographs, and interactive contests to complement their work. The award ceremony was an exciting way to commemorate the newly trained bloggers.


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