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Happy Holidays from MyRye.com

Happy holidays from all of us at MyRye.com!

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MyRye.com turns nine years old on New Year's Day–happy birthday to us and to you for making MyRye.com such a vibrant part of our community.

Since the election season in November 2013, we initiated an experiment and suspended all commenting. We have continued to keep comments in a moderated status – meaning you submit them and we moderate them before publication.

People told us there were plenty of folks that would contribute their voices once we "weeded out" the vitriol and the loud mouths. Sadly, that has not been the case. Few seem to go out of their way to contribute their own voices and views. For those that do – thank you. For those that have a view on don't share – think about contributing in 2015.

Like we have always said, we simply provide the platform – you give us our voice through emails, comments and feedback. You are MyRye.com.

Once again, the biggest thanks goes to my wife Lauren Rosen and our three boys for giving me the time to write and to interact with all of you.

MyRye.com will be taking its annual break and will be on a slow burn until the new year. 

Best wishes to you and your families for 2015.


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