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Latimer: I Oppose The Tunnel

Cuomo Tunnel Latimer

Rye resident and New York State Senator George Latimer told MyRye.com he opposes the Cuomo Tunnel: "Whatever the benefit to Long Island, Westchester residents see a real downside in the creation of this tunnel. The dramatic increase of traffic on I-287, the disruption and dislocation to the lives of shoreline residents, the potential for environmental impacts on the LI Sound, make this unwelcome news for the people who live in our home area. And it remains to be seen if this project is even remotely feasible financially, given construction costs. I oppose the tunnel."

Not only is Latimer against the tunnel, his house would likely be impacted. Latimer lives on Wainwright Street, just adjacent to the Rye Playland parking lot. A tunnel landing in Rye would likely destroy the Playland and / or Edith Read Sanctuary area.


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