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New Med Drop Box at Rye PD HQ

CE Astorino, Legislator Francis  Corcoran (R-Bedford), Sen Murphy

(PHOTO: Unused media box like this one is now at Rye PD HQ.)

County boss Rob Astorino announced Thursday that 12 additional drop boxes for unused prescription drugs have been brought to the county thanks to an $8,000 state grant.

One of the new boxes is located at ye PD HQ at Rye City 21 McCullough Place (967-1234).

The proper disposal of unused prescription meds is critical so as they do not get into our water systems or into the hands of people who can misuse them. Heroin addiction can often start with prescription drug abuse.

“Prescription medication can be a life saver when properly used, but when not properly disposed of they can be a real health and safety issue,” said Astorino. “Don’t throw them [unused medications] in the trash, don’t flush them down the toilet and don’t just leave them lying around the house. Go to your nearest drop box and dispose of them properly.”


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