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(Another) Central Avenue Bridge Closure in Rye

First, there was the Central Avenue bridge along the Blind Brook that was wiped out in the flood of 2007 and took years and years before it was finally rebuilt.

Now another bridge crossing Central Avenue in Rye will be subject to closures… this time for approximately six months. The MTA has notified Rye City that they will be closing the Central Avenue Bridge, the portion over the train tracks owned by the MTA. Work began on Monday, April 25th and is expected to last six months.

If you are a frequent visitor to the Rye Roadhouse or use the Rye Country Boarding Kennels, you'll be raveling up and down North Street or Locust Avenue as alternates to Central.


(PHOTO: Click to expand. The bridge over the MTA tracks on Central Avenue will be subject to closures over the next six months.)

The repair work is necessary to ensure that the structure remains safe for pedestrians and vehicles alike. Although the road will be closed to vehicular traffic, it will remain open to pedestrian traffic for the majority of the project. A detour route has been established by the MTA.

MTA anticipates that the bulk of the work will occur during the day but due to constraints with working around the train schedule and track outages, some work may take place at night and on weekends. They will try to limit noise as much as possible during the night time but acknowledge that there is a Federal requirement for any train passing the work zone to blow their whistle.


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