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Rye City is in Vogue… Literally….

If you see fewer dad jeans around town and an influx of hipsters and fashionistas, blame Anna Wintour.

It's because Rye City is in Vogue.

Vogue Magazine that is….  


(PHOTO: Rye, in Vogue.)

In a piece "Why Rye, New York, Should Be Your Next Day-Trip Destination" the fashion mag says:

"You may have never heard of Rye, New York, before, but if you call Manhattan home, and you’re “so over” the usual Long Island or upstate day trip, then this adorable town in Westchester should be next on your summer to-do list. Rye’s downtown is lined with tons of cute shops offering unique treasures, and with acres upon acres of lush forest and warm beaches, it’s the perfect place to unwind and get away from the craze of the city.

If you have heard of Rye before, you may know it vaguely as home to Rye Playland, an iconic amusement park that first opened in 1928. Playland’s Dragon Coaster is one of only about 100 wooden roller coasters still in operation in the United States, and for this reason alone it just might give Coney Island a run for its money. If you’re into the old-fashioned charm of the Brooklyn amusement park but can’t stand the excessive crowds, then Rye Playand is the perfect alternative to get your summer-boardwalk and cotton-candy fix. Playland’s Grand Carousel, with hand-carved and hand-painted wooden horses, is not to be missed. If nowhere else, the thrill of Rye Playland is evident in its beautiful and historic artifacts…."

Also getting attention in the Vogue article:

Patisserie Salzburg, June & Ho ("unlike other popular summer destinations, access won’t cost you an arm and a leg"… we wonder where the writer usually shops, yikes!), Wine at Five, Joan’s Contemporary and Estate Jewelry, Palmer & Purchase, Arcade Booksellers, Nest Inspired Home and Rosemary and Vine.

Read the piece.


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