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Rye Playland July 4th Fireworks Schedule

What's the deal with fireworks for the holiday weekend at Rye Playland?

Glad you asked…


Rye Playland will have it regular Friday fireworks show today, Friday, July 1st when fireworks displays are choreographed to music at 9:15pm.

Then Rye Playland will have special holiday fireworks shows on Sunday, July 3rd and Monday, July 4th at 9:30pm… no explanation on why the 15 minute start delay from the Friday show.


The park itself gets packed, but the Playland boardwalk and Rye Town Park are also great viewing spots. Be sure to look across to Long Island to see the myriad of fireworks shows popping off the north shore.

And don't try to drive to Playland or anywhere near Playland Parkway. Playland Parkway typically gets backed-up to I-95. Walk or use local roads.


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