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48 Pounds of Prescription Meds Collected on “Take Back Day”

Back in January, Rye City was given a drop box for unused prescription drugs from the County thanks to a state grant.

CE Astorino, Legislator Francis  Corcoran (R-Bedford), Sen Murphy

(PHOTO: Unused media box like this one is at Rye PD HQ.)

The box is located at Rye PD HQ (21 McCullough Place (967-1234)).

Recently RyeACT promoted a "take back day" on Saturday, December 10th to raise awareness of the drop box and encourage Rye residents to drop off their unused medications. The proper disposal of unused prescription meds is critical so as they do not get into our water systems or into the hands of people who can misuse them. Heroin addiction can often start with prescription drug abuse.

Nancy Pasquale of RyeACT declared the day a success. "The bin was emptied on Sunday after the take-back day–48 pounds of medications were taken away for proper disposal. To give you a sense of perspective, the Police Department reports that typically they collect about 15 pounds in an entire MONTH. So this is more than triple that amount."

And most important is residents can drop off unused meds at any time by simply dropping by Rye PD headquarters on McCullough Place.



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