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Home Government Rye Candidates: The Elizabeth Parks Ten-Minute Interview

Rye Candidates: The Elizabeth Parks Ten-Minute Interview

Parks vid photo

Your Name:  Elizabeth Parks

I’m running for: City Council

I am: Honest, collaborative and respectful

What is your political affiliation?  Republican

MyRye.com: Why are you running?

Parks: Rye is an incredibly special place.  My husband and I are both from big cities in Texas and feel so fortunate to have found a tight knit, involved community in which to raise our three daughters.  I feel strongly that the best way to give back to this community, which our daughters will forever call home, is to serve on the council.  I want to help Rye remain the safe, vibrant and beautiful community that it is today.

I have 24 years of business experience that has provided me with the skills that will make me an effective council member.  I would be honored to apply my knowledge and experience in a role on the Council.


(PHOTO: All Rye team of Joe Sack, Susan Watson, Elizabeth Parks and Terry McCartney.)     

MyRye.com: Why are you running now?

Parks:  The city has some major issues coming before it.  I would like to be a part of the team that will help solve and guide the city through these issues. I believe the council should solicit as much community input as possible and then work together in a non-partisan and collaborative way to move ideas forward.  A good council should welcome opposing views in order to weigh all perspectives before making decisions.  

MyRye.com: What are the three most important issues facing the City of Rye?


  • Managing our unfunded liability in retirement healthcare. The city has made good progress with the unions on negotiating agreements that maintain employees contribute toward their retirement healthcare but we are far from final on any agreements.  With unfunded liabilities currently totaling $78M and growing, managing these expenses is crucial in order to keep the city healthy and able to address all of its other needs. 
  • Addressing on-going infrastructure needs. Sewer improvements, parking, roads and sidewalks.  All of these issues affect our daily lives and are wants and needs that residents have said repeatedly they would like to solve.  There is also the urgent need for upgrades and repairs to our aging DPW facilities. 
  • Boat Basin. Helping to solve the on-going dredging issues required here and how to pay for it.

MyRye.com: Describe your government and civic experience.

Parks:  I am thrilled at the opportunity to be serving in my local government for the first time.  My past volunteer experience has been in the non-profit world, working to raise money for children charities.  I have sat on the same non-profit board for 9 years now and served on the Executive Board for 3 years. 

MyRye.com: What’s one nice thing you can say about your opponents?

Parks:  They are smart and dedicated individuals.

MyRye.com: What’s your favorite local pizzeria? 

Parks:  I love Planet Pizza

MyRye.com: What’s your favorite local restaurant for a casual meal with family? 

Parks:  Rye Grill and Bar is always a favorite with my family.  My daughters love the flavored mints they give away at the front and the close proximity to Peach Wave.

MyRye.com: What’s your favorite local restaurant that delivers?

Parks:  Little Thai Kitchen, I’m a huge Thai food fan.

MyRye.com: How long have you lived in Rye?

Parks:  4 ½ years

MyRye.com: Why did you choose to live in Rye?

Parks:  Excellent public schools, access to the water, small town essence and an active and involved community.

Your LinkedIn profile:  Elizabeth Parks, Executive Director Sales, Fortune Live Media

Your Facebook page:  AllRye

Your campaign web site:  www.allrye.com


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