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Home Government Rye Candidates: The Terry McCartney Ten-Minute Interview

Rye Candidates: The Terry McCartney Ten-Minute Interview

MCartney vid photo

Your Name:  Terry McCartney

I’m running for: Re-election as Rye City Councilman

I am: Honest

What is your political affiliation?  Republican

MyRye.com: Why are you running?

McCartney: I am running to keep Rye moving in the right direction.  We have made great headway over the last four years and are right in the middle of several significant issues and I want to see them through.  Rye needs a team of common sense leaders that will guide the community with consensus and collaboration.  Based on our proven track record, our All Rye team – including Mayor Joe Sack, Susan Watson and Elizabeth Parks – is that team.        


(PHOTO: All Rye team of Joe Sack, Susan Watson, Elizabeth Parks and Terry McCartney.)      

MyRye.com: Why are you running now?

McCartney: We are at a tipping point on several major issues: Disbrow Park, the Master Plan, Crown Castle, the potential United Hospital redevelopment, labor contract negotiations and many more.  Competent leadership is required for us to manage these issues for the benefit of all Rye citizens.

What are the three most important issues facing the City of Rye?


  • Disbrow Park. We have an opportunity to make it a real park in the heart of residential Rye with green spaces, walking paths, a dog park, tennis courts, better playing fields for our kids as well as badly-needed improvements to our DPW facilities so that our hard-working City personnel have a decent place to work.  The current park layout and facilities are badly flawed and need urgent attention.
  • City Comprehensive Master Plan. We have been trying to utilize the 1985 Master Plan for far too long.  We are about 1/3 of the way into the process of creating a new Comprehensive Master Plan that will guide Rye through the next ten to twenty years.  The key is to a successful new master plan is to engage in a comprehensive community conversation to determine the path forward that has as much consensus as possible.
  • Labor Contracts. We have $78 million in unfunded future liabilities in the form of retiree healthcare and benefits.  We have been making headway with our unions to negotiate agreements that include employee contributions toward retirement healthcare that will help us reign in that figure.  It is essential to have leaders on the Council who understand and can work with the union representatives, as we have, to continue this important progress.

MyRye.com: Describe your government and civic experience.

McCartney: I have served 4 years as a City Councilman.  That experience has taught me all of the necessary ins and outs of the process and allowed me to develop relationships with our great City staff and our citizens.  I served as the City Council Liaisons to the Recreation Commission and the Rye Golf Club – which very ably provide services to thousands of Rye citizens.  I have also been coaching Rye kids for the last 16 years: Little League and Babe Ruth baseball, Pop Warner football, CYO basketball and the Rye Boxing Club.  I am a member of Rye American Legion Post 128.  I served in the Marine Corps for 11 years as an infantry officer.  I have served in leadership positions literally every single day of my life since I was 15 years old.

MyRye.com: What’s one nice thing you can say about your opponents?

McCartney: I admire their commitment to our community and for volunteering to spend countless unpaid hours for the good of others.

MyRye.com: What’s your favorite local pizzeria? 

McCartney: Piazza

MyRye.com: What’s your favorite local restaurant for a casual meal with family? 

McCartney: Rye Roadhouse

MyRye.com: What’s your favorite local restaurant that delivers?

McCartney: Al Dente.

MyRye.com: How long have you lived in Rye?

McCartney: 17 years

MyRye.com: Why did you choose to live in Rye?

McCartney: My wife Julia grew up in Rye and her parents, Joyce and Paul Rheingold, still live here so Julia always wanted to live here.  I wanted to live in a town with a public golf course (we ended up buying a house on Park Avenue about a 9 iron from the Rye Golf Club).  We both wanted our kids to go to Rye schools and grow up in this incredible community. 

Your LinkedIn profile:  Terry McCartney

Your Facebook page:  AllRye

Your campaign web site:  www.AllRye.com


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