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Whitby Castle Drone Pics from Wedding Video

Krystina Casey and Kenneth Hines were married this past June in Rye, and now you can enjoy great aerial photos of Whitby Castle thanks to their wedding video.

Whitby 1 aerial

(PHOTO: Rye's Whitby Castle at the Rye Golf Club from above.)

Whitby 2 horses approach

(PHOTO: The horse & carriage comes up the driveway and approaches Rye's Whitby Castle.)

Whitby 3 horses in front

(PHOTO: The horse & carriage n front of Rye's Whitby Castle. The golf fairways can be seen in the background.)

Whitby 4 horses in front CLOSE UP

(PHOTO: Horsepower at the front door of Rye's Whitby Castle.)

Whitby 5 back deck aerial

(PHOTO: Aerial shot of wedding celebrations on Whitby's back deck.)

Watch the entire wedding video:

Krystina & Kenneth – Rye, NY


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