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Rye PD: Remove Snow or Get Summons

Rye PD is warning residents: remove snow from sidewalks or else you will be subject to a summons.

In an alert issued Saturday, Rye PD said: "Reminder to all property owners – the City Code requires that all sidewalks be cleared of snow after the snowfall has stopped within 24hrs. Please clear the sidewalks or possibly be subject to a summons. Thank you."

Snow 01-04-2018

(PHOTO: Get out there and clean it up…)

A similar message from City Hall was slightly more detailed:

"Residents are reminded that the City Code (Chapter 167-47) stipulates that residents must clear their sidewalks within 24 hours of a storm. This includes sidewalks in front of and abutting your property.

Any person who does not clear their sidewalk is subject to a penalty. The City of Rye Police will issue tickets for any sidewalks that are not cleared.
Please note that the Department of Public Works does not clear privately owned walkways. Please clear your sidewalks – it is for everyone’s safety and it is the law.

Please do not clear off cars in the street or place snow from driveways or sidewalks back into the street. This creates unsafe driving conditions and is a violation. Please also remind any contractors of this requirement as well.

The City appreciates your cooperation."


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