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Former Rye Math Teacher Featured in LA Times #MeToo Article

 A former Rye teacher was interviewed by the LA Times in a series about the #MeToo movement and how mothers and daughters speak with one another about sexual harassment and assault. 

To explore how this conversation has changed, generation to generation, we asked mothers and daughters about how they were raised to talk, react and take action when it comes to sexual harassment and assault. One of the mothers in the piece is Terrie Rosengren, a retired math teacher from Rye:

"Liz Cotone, 42, is a screenwriter who lives with her husband and 6-year-old daughter in Canyon Country, Calif. Terrie Rosengren, 70, is a retired high school math teacher from Rye, N.Y."

In the video, the daughter Liz says "It’s not about sex. It’s using the differences in our gender for power.” 

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