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Barley Beach House an Improvement to Seaside Johnnies

We are ahead of the game.


After Seaside Johnnies closed in 2016, and we had the brief flash in the pan Ocean Grill, and this week we have the soft open of The Barley Beach House in Rye Town Park.


(PHOTO: Grilled chicken salad. We have moved beyond the iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots of years past.)

For a location long known for good views and bad food, we are cautiously optimistic.


(PHOTO: Grilled shrimp Po'-boy)

Previewing a limited menu on Sunday, this writer found the food fresh, the beer cold, the service good and the views still excellent.

The owners of the new restaurant signed a ten year deal and will pay Rye Town Park six percent of gross revenue. The commission expects a $100K payday in year one, and that amounts to about $1.6M in gross revenue for the restaurant. That's a lot of salads, burgers and beer. The operators also own and operate Barley on the Hudson in Tarrytown and The Barley House in Thornwood.

If you have been, tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.


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