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Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs Decamps to Rye


(PHOTO: The Max Hoffman House in Rye. Courtesy Wikipedia.)

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs and his fiancé are decamping to Rye from a life in Manhattan.

Jacobs has bought the famous Max Hoffman House at 58 Island Drive, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1950s. Hoffman, who commissioned the house from Wright, was a famous automobile importer that socialized European imports to the US market.

Jacobs, reportedly worth $100 million, famously proposed to his boyfriend with a flashmob at a Chipotle restaurant (we assume it was not the Rye Brook location…). Zillow estimates the house is worth $6 million.


(PHOTO: Marc Jacobs, fashion boss and new Rye resident.)

WWD had some of the details:

"[Marc Jacobs] did offer a bit of personal news: He and his fiancé Char Defrancesco are decamping from their West Side town house and moving to Rye, in Westchester County, New York. Seriously.

Jacobs, who projects as a consummate urbanite, is in fact heading to the suburbs. OK, there may be a downsized NYC apartment in the game plan, specifics TBD. But Jacobs and Defrancesco have purchased a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Max Hoffman, the importer of foreign luxury cars into the U.S. The house was later owned by the philanthropist Emily Fisher Landau, and most recently, Alice and Thomas Tisch, from whom Jacobs and Defrancesco purchased it.

Why the move?

“I’m 55 years old, I’m getting married,” Jacobs said. “This feels like really a new chapter. I’d like to live a life outside. I just sit home and watch TV in the five-floor town house, you know? It’s like, I’d like to be doing that with a beautiful view with dogs running around in the yard. I mean, unlike Robert [Duffy, his longtime business partner, also at the preview], I’ve never had a house outside the city. Never. Wait till you see it.”…

Thus the house search commenced. It started on Long Island, went through Connecticut and ended in Rye, at a house that sounds like a gem."

Read the rest.

Welcome to Rye, Marc and Char!


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