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Pet Adoption: Barney & Fred, Tabby Brothers

Pet Rescue Barney & Fred

(PHOTO: Barney & Fred.)

MyRye.com features dogs and cats that are up for adoption by Pet Rescue, a no kill pet shelter in Harrison.

Barney & Fred
Status: Adoptable
Age: 3 years old
Breed: Tabby, DSH
Gender: Male
Adult size: Small (35 lbs & under)

Adopted as young kittens, these two handsome grey tabbies (approx. 3 years old) were recently returned to Pet Rescue due to allergies in the family. Barney warms up quickly, and loves attention. He is playful, purrs a lot and is very affectionate. A dream kitty. Fred is shy at first but then loves to be petted also, and appreciates lots of tender loving care. He is sweet and looks forward to a gentle rub behind the ears. Fred and Barney do have a special sibling bond and keep each other company. We strongly prefer they be adopted together. Since the end of April, Fred and Barney have had the opportunity to live in a wonderful foster home. There they have bonded easily with the foster family but still need reassurance when meeting someone new. These boys are best friends and keep each other company. They are very playful. They purr loudly and love affection. They are feisty. They love to be petted. These two need love and time to build confidence and trust. They clearly deserve a good forever home and will reward their next adopter with loyalty.

If you want to meet Barney and Fred, or any of the other dogs or cats at Harrison's Pet Rescue, you can learn more about the adoption and foster processes, email (nypetrescue@gmail.com) or call ((914) 835-3332). The shelter is located at 7 Harrison Avenue in Harrison. You can also volunteer at the shelter.


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