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Ranking Puts Rye Schools at #18 in State with a “C” Grade for Diversity

A ranking by Niche.com puts Rye schools at #18 for public schools in New York State. The district also rates #90 nationally out of 10,782 schools. Not too bad.

Some other rankings for Rye schools:

Districts with the best teachers: National ranking #23 of 11,725; New York State ranking #5 of 690

Best places to teach: National ranking #44 of 11,130; New York State ranking #17 of 690

Best school districts for athletes: National ranking #470 of 10,815; New York State ranking #30 of 679

Rye scores "A" grades in all categories except in diversity where it slips by with a "C" grade.

Niche.com 1

Other interesting stats:

Average Graduation Rate 97%
Average SAT 1300
Average ACT 30

Popular colleges:

New York University
Cornell University
Boston College
Georgetown University
Boston University
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Vanderbilt University
University of Pennsylvania
Syracuse University
Duke University


13:1 ratio
Average Teacher Salary $116,407
Teachers in First/Second Year 3.6%


Total Expenses $72,940,000
Expenses Per Student $25,036/ student

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