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Rye Playland a Featured destination in New Westchester Tourism Campaign

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(PHOTO: The Dragon Coaster – where tourists can go for a ride. Featured in the new tourism promotional video.)

Rye's Playland Amusement Park is one of the destinations featured in a new Westchester tourism campaign. Rye Guy and County Exec George Latimer released the campaign Tuesday, including a promotional video that includes happy riders on Playland's Dragon Coaster.

Latimer said in a statement “Westchester County is the heart of the Hudson Valley and is a destination that generates billions of dollars in tourism revenue for the region. Today’s launch of our new tourism campaign – “Beyond” – showcases the County to attract new visitors for a getaway – a departure from the everyday.”

In 2019, Westchester County Department of Film & Tourism’s marketing firm Mower conducted qualitative and quantitative research with leisure travelers, and meeting and event planners to gain insight on how those outside Westchester viewed the County’s strengths and appeal. This data helped the firm evolve Tourism’s creative approach into a new campaign aimed at differentiating Westchester by showing the true range of unique experiences available here to all types of potential visitors – both business and leisure…

The new marketing campaign, entitled “BEYOND,” showcases striking photography – done by local Westchester County Photographer Rob D’Angelo – of destinations that delight visitors and exceed traveler expectations. Advertising is anchored in the tagline “Beyond expectations.”

Local taxes and state taxes generated $233M in 2018 from the travel and tourism industry alone.

See the promotional video:


  1. Having lived in Rye for almost 40 years, permit me to observe that Playland’s Dragon Coaster would be
    much more attractive if the Dragon was recognizable.

    Without its trademark body intact, and now missing a head, it is not “BEYOND” anything … other than disappointing in appearance.

    Here’s to The Playland Dragon!

  2. Want to make people aware of another George Latimer accomplishment. If a vaccine for the coronavirus is available soon and Latimer declares a health emergency in Westchester becuse of the coronavirus, a bill that Latimer signed would give the Westchester Health Dept the power to mandate everyone who works in Westchester get vaccinated or you won’t be allowed to work in Westchester. America at it’s finest.


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