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18 Year Old Harrison Resident Arrested in Feb 15th Assault of Rye High Senior

The Rye Police Department has made an arrest in the wake of a Rye high school senior being brutally assaulted by a group of other kids the evening of Saturday, February 15, 2020. Additional suspects are still being pursued.

The arrest was made on Tuesday, March 3rd. The 18 year old Harrison resident was charged with assault in the third degree. The name and photo of the assailant is being withheld due to age.

A complete statement from Rye PD follows. See the prior story with the video.

House party assault 1

(PHOTO: An arrest has been made in the wake of the February 15th assault.)

On Sunday February 16, 2020, Rye Detectives initiated an investigation into an assault that occurred at [redacted] in the City of Rye.

It was reported that several youths assaulted one male victim in the driveway of the residence shortly after 10:00pm on Saturday February 15th. A cellphone video of the assault was provided but identification of the assailants has been difficult. Several witnesses came forward and identified an 18 year old Harrison, New York resident as one of the assailants. The subject was arrested and charged with Assault in the third degree on March 3, 2020. Due to New York State Raise the Age laws the subject is still eligible for Youthful Offender Status. The subjects name and photograph will be withheld due to his possible Youthful Offender status. At this time there are still several suspects that have not been identified.

The investigation is ongoing and Detectives are requesting anyone who happened to witness the assault and can identify suspects to contact Rye Detectives at (914) 967-1234.


  1. Welcome to Meg Cameron’s Rye where if your kid is beaten unconscious by a mob of teens, one kid is quietly arrested and charged with 3rd degree assault.What would Commissioner Corcoran done? We’ll never know since he resigned after Meg Cameron’s Mayor was elected. If you’re thinking of buying a house in Rye, watch this video and remember: one kid was arrested for this, one kid. That’s some mighty fine police work by our high school graduate Public Safety Commissioner, Robert Falk.


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