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Home Government BREAKING: COVID-19 is in Rye City - 1st Case Confirmed

BREAKING: COVID-19 is in Rye City – 1st Case Confirmed

The first confirmed case of Coronaviris (COVID-19) is in the City of Rye. Westchester County Executive and Rye resident George Latimer confirmed the case to MyRye.com early afternoon Monday. 


Latimer reports there is one case in Rye City, one case in Rye Brook and no reported cases in Port Chester as of Saturday. "We’re trying to get more current data," said Latimer.


  1. who in Rye govt is in charge of notifying people who may have come in contact with this person or has come in contact with their kids ? …… others at risk need to be notified and after they get tested we can see who they were in touch with …….

  2. DIVMAN and anyone else
    It is literally not up to the RYE GOVERNMENT to alert people. That is up to the CDC. stop being so obtuse. Do you honestly think anyone from city hall takes the time to read your H


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