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Home Current Affairs Rye #27 in Bloomberg Richest Places 2020 Survey

Rye #27 in Bloomberg Richest Places 2020 Survey

Earlier this week we reported on a survey that ranked Rye #47 on the best places to live in the USA.

Well, a few days have gone by and we have another survey for our readers…

Rye has scored #27 in the Bloomberg richest places 2020 survey, with an average household income of $297,011.

The good news is you have all shown some improvement – good work! Rye is up from #29 in the 2019 survey.

The bad news is we have been bested by some Westchester competition including Scarsdale (#2), Bronxville (#13) and Larrchmont (#15).

See the full list of 50:

Bllomberg Survey Richest Places

View the source.


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