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RAC’ing Up Talent, Arts Center Launches “fRYEday” Variety Show – Watch It Right Here

RAC Charles Hipser sings the COVID-19 Blues

(PHOTO: You have been feeling blue. But Charles Hipser has been singing the COVID-19 Blues.)

After cancelling its annual benefit, The Rye Arts Center launched a video series to take its place. “fRYEday Not Live” combines the variety show model of The RAC’s popular fRYEday Night Live performances with the philanthropic focus of its Annual Benefit.

And you also get to listen to Charles Hipser sing the COVID-19 Blues (see minute 4:35 in the video below). The first episode of fRYEday Not Live was launched this past Friday, May 8th. The full video is below, along with a menu if timestamps so you can see your favorite performer.

The next episode (slated for this Friday, May 15) will be the first of two that will echo The Rye Arts Center’s ever-popular Ladies Comedy Night, with performances by Kim Berns along with familiar and new faces to The Rye Arts Center audience.

In conjunction with the video series, the local non-profit has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Donations will help The Rye Arts Center continue to operate throughout the pandemic, presenting online classes, lessons, and outreach programs.

Check out the video of fRYEday Not Live below. Here is who you will find on the video, and the precise time stamp:

2:41 – Mason Avery, “Cup and Balls” Magic Trick
4:35 – Charles Hipser, “The Covid-19 Blues” Original Song
6:47 – George Latimer, Advocacy Statement
8:22 – Nicholas Esposito, Etude in C Major by Clair Omar Musser
11:17 – Noah Opitz, “Somewhere over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen
14:46 – Kiki Keith, “Unstoppable” by Sia
18:17 – Andrew and Suzanna Keith, “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble
18:59 – Joel Trieger, “Three Vignettes” A Stop-Motion Film, Music & Sculpture by Joel Trieger
20:25 – Natalie Rosenbluth, “A Million Reasons” The Greatest Showman
21:12 – Greg Lodato, Rock and Roll Mashup
28:31 – Teresa Loafman, “Smile” by Charle Chaplin, Lyrics by John Turner & Geoffrey Parsons

fRYEday Not Live Episode 1 from The Rye Arts Center on Vimeo.


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