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200+ Turn Out for LGBTQ+ Event on Rye’s Village Green, Council Presents Resolution

Rye City presentation of the city council resolution declaring June LGBTQ+ Pride Month. June 2020.
Hannah Lutz of the Rye High School GSA

“The existence of LGBTQ+ people is a fact and not a political opinion,” said Hannah Lutz, one of the leaders of the Rye High School GSA (gender sexuality alliance). “We cannot frame these people’s existence as a controversial issue.”

Lutz was just one of the many speakers Thursday evening as over 200 residents turned out on Rye’s village green to see Rye city council present its resolution declaring June LGBTQ+ Pride Month to the pRYEde group.

Rye Mayor Josh Cohn and Councilwoman Sara Goddard presented the resolution to pRYEde co-founder Genevieve Weber Gilmore.

A number of other speakers followed including pRYEde co-founders who spoke about the progress of the group and students from the Rye High School GSA. Other council people, elected officials and city officials came out for the event.

See photos and video of the speeches:

Video playlist of the speeches:

Note: The Malin family sang an Indigo Girl song at the conclusion of the event, but copyright issues have prevented us from posting the performance. You should have been there!


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