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Grading Week Two of Pandemic School

rye schools week 2 - 1

(PHOTO: Fun while wearing masks and in between polycarbonate desktop dividers.)

Week two of “pandemic school” is on the books. How did it go for you? Please leave a comment below.

“Familiar daily routines are starting to solidify while the new procedures and protocols necessary for health and safety are in place and running smoothly,” said schools boss Eric Bryne in a note sent Friday afternoon.

The schools are adjusting traffic flow in hallways, and refining the daily health assessment submission process. “We know this is not everyone’s favorite part of the day, but it’s important for keeping everyone safe,” said Byrne.

If you don’t want to take the word of the school boss, we also recommend tuning into Rye High vlogger and sophomore Lesley Lachman.

Help desk tickets are down and the schools report receiving the first of several shipments of individual teacher microphones. This is expected to improve the audio experience for remote students. Back to School Night programming has begun as is all virtual.

rye schools week 2 - 2

School construction, as the result of the $80 million bond, is continuing. The athletic department properly bragged on social media about its new field shaping up “We can’t wait to see our student athletes on this beautiful track and field.”

Finally the Rye Fund for Education’s Safe Academics for Everyone (S.A.F.E.) campaign is looking for another $65K. As of Friday afternoon, the campaign has raised $185,000 of its goal of $250,000. Credit cards are accepted. You’ll start to see donors around town sporting these car magnets including this on on the vehicle of board of education head Jennifer Boyle.

Enjoy the weekend.

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