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Remembering Our Rye Neighbors Lost on 9-11

9-11 plaque on Rye FD HQ dedicated 9-11-2008

(PHOTO: This 9-11 memorial plaque on the side of the Rye FD Locust Avenue headquarters building was dedicated on September 11, 2008.)

Today marks the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. We take a moment to remember all those lost on that day, including fifteen Rye residents, neighbors & family.

We remember 9/11 first responder, Rye husband and father Kevin Nolan who we lost just last year.

Our fifteen Rye residents, neighbors & family lost on 9/11:

▪ Thomas Crotty
▪ Benjamin Fisher
▪ Yugi Goya
▪ W. Ward Haynes
▪ Takashi Kinoshita
▪ Gary E. Koecheler
▪ Teddy Maloney
▪ Francis N. McGuinn
▪ Robert McLaughlin, Jr.
▪ Christopher D. Mello
▪ George W. Morell
▪ Sean Gordon O’Neill
▪ Thomas A. Palazzo
▪ Michael J. Simon
▪ Allen V. Upton

The Rye 9/11 Memorial gazebo on the village green:


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