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Trump Rallies at Rye Playland

Trump Playland News 12 - 1

(PHOTO: News 12 reported on the Trump rally at Playland this past weekend.)

If you live off Forest Avenue near Playland and the Playland parking lot, you already know. The Playland lot has been and continues to be a destination for Trump “Rally Car Convoys”.

Trump Rally 10-24-2020The next Trump rally at Playland appears to be scheduled for this Saturday, October 24th at 12pm. Although the event’s social media page as of Wednesday shows only 7 people “going” and 19 “interested”, the rallies attract much larger crowds based on reporting last weekend by News 12 that showed “hundreds” at the Playland Parking lot.

On Saturday, the rally will gather at Playland and “convoy” the following route:

  • Playland to Boston Post Rd to Pelham NY, Hutchinson PKWY to Cross County to Route 100/Central Ave towards White Plains, Right on Tarrytown Rd in White Plains which turns into Main St. Then a right onto Mamaroneck ave towards Saxon Woods Parking lot for final end location.

On social media, organizers are looking for active and retired law enforcement officers and military to be in “key vehicles to act as lead, mid-points (spotters), and tail”. They encourage all vehicles to use the Zello Walkie Talkie app for communication on channel “Trump Convoy Playland Rye”.

The organizers request “Don’t forget your masks and hand sanitizer! We want nothing more than for you to be a part of an EPIC and MEGA MAGA event, have a blast, and return home safely afterward.”


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