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ROUTE MAP: Santa in Rye, Saturday 11am – 3pm

Rye Chamber of Commerce - 11-29-2020 Scavenger Hunt

Santa Claus will be in Rye for a pre-Christmas drive by tour this Saturday, November 28th from 11am – 3pm. On good authority, we understand Santa knows a great deal about Rye and has a particularly keen interest in Garnet football. No word if Santa’s activity was inspired by the Rye School District and its many graduation car parades, but we believe this may be likely.

MyRye.com has acquired the map of Santa’s drive by from his handlers, displayed above. Santa will be driving through eleven Rye neighborhoods, starting in Greenhaven. He will be accompanied by local elves from Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty, who are available to help you buy or sell a home with a large chimney suitable for Santa’s Christmas present delivery, before or after the event.

Santa is looking for good boys & girls who wear masks and practice social distancing. We understand he does have lumps of low emission coal for any child or adult that has knowingly participated in a super spreader event.

Rye Chamber of Commerce - 11-28-2020 Santa Drive by


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