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Sports Talk in Latimer Briefing: 1 New, 92 Active, 997 Total COVID-19 Positives in Rye; 1,948 Deaths in Westchester – Thursday, February 4, 2021

George Latimer COVID-19 briefing February 4, 2021

Remember that Rye guy and Westchester County boss George Latimer moved his COVID-19 briefings from daily to now twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. So no briefing on the other weekdays, but we do expect to continue to post daily COVID-19 counts for Rye and Westchester County for the foreseeable future.

During his briefing Thursday, Latimer spoke a lot about sports.

High School High Risk Sports

First on high school sports, Latimer addressed some of the confusion surrounding “high risk” high school sports. “We are not stopping sports,” said Latimer. “What we are doing is making sure to take certain steps to play sports safely.”

He noted it has only been about ten days since the State pushed decision making down to County Departments of Health. If there is an outbreak “a given team or sport might find itself closing down.”

The County distributed the following documents on high risk sports:

Sports Health Risk Communication Final 2-3-21

Final High Risk Sports Code of Conduct – Amended 2-3-21

Final – Revised WCDOH Memo Regarding High Risk Sports 2-3-21

The Superbowl – Latimer’s Prediction & Warning

“I think the Chiefs are going to win,” said Latimer, before issuing a warning to residents about the Superbowl. “This looks a lot like Thanksgiving. This looks a lot like New Year’s Eve. You can get COVID at a Superbowl party,” said Latimer, urging caution and diligence when choosing how to watch the big game.

For Thursday, February 4, 2021, Westchester reported the following City of Rye numbers via the County COVID dashboard.

997 total COVID-19 cases since inception;
92 active COVID-19 cases (this assumes the remaining 905 have run the average two week contagion cycle and are no longer active);
1 new COVID-19 case

Just like everyone else, county executives look at the NY State COVID-19 tracker for county and state level statistics on the pandemic and at the NY State regional  monitoring dashboard to see our progress towards reopening.

The COVID-19 numbers:

Fatalities of Westchester residents: 1,948
Fatalities at Westchester nursing homes – The Osborn Home in Rye is reporting eight (8) confirmed COVID-19 nursing home deaths, six (6) presumed COVID-19 nursing home deaths and one (1) COVID-19 adult care facility death thru February 3rd.
Fatalities in Westchester: 2,115
Numbers of persons tested: 1,814,761
Tested positive: 95,989
% Positive results: 5.3%
Persons tested today: 6,659
New positives today: 349

Westchester - Rye NY COVID dashboard 02-04-2021


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