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Community Groups Unite to Condemn Racist Graffiti Incident

Rye High School

Community groups in Rye have united to publish an open letter condemning the incident Wednesday night when Rye High School custodians found racist graffiti in a second floor bathroom.

The letter:

“Dear Rye Friends and Neighbors,

We as a community were shocked and horrified to hear of the act of racist vandalism committed in the Rye High School on May 12, 2021.  We, as Rye organizations who interact with youth in our city, want to speak loudly and clearly that we condemn hate in all its forms. Racism and discrimination have no place in our community.

We, as a group, denounce this action and all other forms of hatred, discrimination, racism, and bullying. We abhor the mistreatment of our BIPOC community members. This single act is a symptom of a larger cultural issue that the community needs to address together.  We will not stop our anti-racism work until our BIPOC community feels safe and welcome in the City of Rye.

With Commitment,

The City of Rye Human Rights Commission

Port Chester-Rye NAACP

pRYEde Community Group


Rye Coalition for Change

Rye Free Reading Room

Rye Youth Council

The Rye YMCA

We will continue to update this statement; if additional organizations want to sign on in support, please reach out to one of our signatory organizations.”


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