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LETTER: Mecca Plugs In Reasoning for Council Pride Flag Diligence

PRIDE flag

In a letter to MyRye.com, Rye City Councilman Richard Mecca plugs in his reasoning for the city council’s deliberative approach to the raising of the Pride flag. His letter is in response to an earlier letter submitted by Sue Drouin.

In addition to serving on the Rye City Council, Richard Mecca is a senior electrical inspector in the City of White Plains and is a certified Master Electrical Inspector. He has lived in Rye since 1980.

Richard Mecca Rye City CouncilWhy all the argument against a City Council that always wanted to fly the Pride flag doing its due diligence? If the legal analysis so clearly supported flying the flag, then the Council would surely receive favorable advice from its own specialist lawyer. Seeking advice could do no harm and presented no threat.

The Council received positive advice, on time and at little cost, and we are all happy to fly the Pride flag.

I, for one, could not have voted to raise the flag if I did not have a lawyer with a duty to the City tell me that I was not going to lose any City control over future flag raisings.

My obligation as an elected official is to follow all policy, procedures and protocol and we did just that so we can raise this flag this year and other years.

Richard Mecca, Rye City Council


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