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Latimer Casts His Support to Josh Cohn in Mayoral Race

Latimer 2021 campaign social media photoRye guy and Westchester County Executive George Latimer is casting his support behind Mayor Josh Cohn in his bid for re-election. “I’ll be voting for Josh Cohn. The City has been well managed for the last four years, and Josh and the current Council members can claim credit for that success,” said Latimer in a social post.

“Danielle is a friend and similarly, I envision her to continue in her public involvement particularly on issues of social justice and human rights where she has established her credentials. Josh brings legal acumen to the role of Mayor, and that skill will be valuable fir the City issues yet to come.”

Latimer’s blessing was part of a long social media post on Facebook about Democratic Party endorsements.

The Cohn campaign also points out it has been endorsed by current & former Deputy Mayors and City Council members Emily Hurd, Carolina Johnson, Richard Mecca, Julie
Souza, Ben Stacks.

On June 22, Election Day, most voters will vote in their usual poll sites. Exception: people who usually vote at the Osborn will vote at Rye Recreation. Early voting has begun and will continue through June 20. Early voting poll sites and times are listed here.


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