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Letters of Pride: Suki van Dijk, Garden Drive

MyRye.com is publishing a series of letters of support for raising the Pride flag on City flagpoles. The letters were sent to the City ahead of the City Council voting to fly the flag, and are a matter of public record.

PRIDE flag

From: Suki van Dijk

Subject: Re: Pride Flag Raising

Date: April 23, 2021 at 8:08:39 AM EDT

To: Josh Cohn <jcohn@ryeny.gov>, Julie Souza <jsouza@ryeny.gov>, “Benjamin Stacks” <bstacks@ryeny.gov>, “Goddard, Sara W.” <sgoddard@ryeny.gov>, “Mecca, Richard J.” <rmecca@ryeny.gov>, “Tarlow, Pam J.”<ptarlow@ryeny.gov>, “Johnson, Carolina J.” <cjohnson@ryeny.gov>, Robin Jovanovich <rjovanovich@ryerecord.com>

Every one of our embassies across the world is authorized to fly the Pride flag. Are you going to continue to tell Rye taxpayers you need to spend our money on an outside law firm just to make sure?

Again, according to Kristen Browde (Co-Chair of the National Trans Bar Association) “Wow. That is an absurd argument.”

https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/04/22/pride-flag-lgbtq-rights- state-department-biden-reverse-trump-embassies/? fbclid=IwAR34h68euVvX1- vncMCYhMLDtBck2Ki7zQHGFcI7qFgpIMh_ZecBnF2YiJA

As a 27 year Rye resident, and as Group Leader of the Indivisible Westchester Legislative Districts 6&7, I ask the Rye City Council to fly the Gay Pride flag on the Village Green during the Pride Month (June). Our group stands with the Rye HS GSA, asking for the 2nd year in a row, that Rye visibly demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion, by allowing the Gay Pride flag to fly on our flagpole.

-Suki van Dijk

Group Leader Indivisible Westchester Districts 6&7

Garden Drive


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