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Letters of Pride: Tina O’Brien

MyRye.com is publishing a series of letters of support for raising the Pride flag on City flagpoles. The letters were sent to the City ahead of the City Council voting to fly the flag, and are a matter of public record.

PRIDE flag

From: Tina O’Brien

Subject: The Pride Flag

Date: April 26, 2021 at 11:45:35 AM EDT

To: <jcohn@ryeny.gov>, <jsouza@ryeny.gov>, <sgoddard@ryeny.gov>,<cjohnson@ryeny.gov>, <rmecca@ryeny.gov>, <bstacks@ryeny.gov>,

Dear All,

Considering the Pride flag is already flown at US Embassies, all over towns in Westchester and the country, I hope the council will now fly the flag prominently and with pride in Rye. I also hope the idea of wasting taxpayers money looking into legal advice that is clearly not needed is also now shelved.


Tina O’Brien


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