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Pride Mural Unveiled at Rye Town Park

Late Wednesday afternoon, an inventive, expressive and bright Pride mural was unveiled at Rye Town Park. The mural, to be on display in the park through July 4th, was created by over twenty students under the direction of Rye Arts Center teacher and muralist Ann Ladd.

A crowd of fifty people heard comments from pRYEde organizers Alison Cupp Relyea and Amanda Timchak, muralist Ladd, and Rye High GSA member, senior and mural painter Eli Bubb.

Ladd remarked how much she learned from the students in the creation process. Bubb gave this writer a mural tour pointing out its themes including peace, justice, kindness and its nod to the myriad of sexual identities.

Students from Rye City, Rye Brook, Rye Neck and Port Chester all contributed. After July 4th, plans are in the works for the mural to become a traveling exhibit, with plans for display at Crawford and Lyon Park in Port Chester, and then Rye Presbyterian Church. Rumor says Christ Church and other local organizations are looking at getting on the mural’s tour schedule.


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