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After 39 Years Falk Retires, Anfuso Is Acting Public Safety Commissioner

Rye FD FF Ricky Colasacco sworn in 10-07-2020 with Rob Falk on left
(PHOTO: Police Commissioner Robert J. Falk at the swearing in of Rye FD Fire Fighter Ricky Colasacco on October 10, 2020.)

The changing of the guard at Rye PD continues, and this time the story starts at the top. Public Safety Commissioner Robert J. Falk, whose responsibilities encompass the PD and FD, is retiring after 39 years on the job.

Rye PD Michael Anfuso
(PHOTO: Rye PD’s Michael Anfuso.)

Lieutenant Mike Anfuso, currently head of the Detective Division, has become Acting Public Safety Commissioner. Anfuso is a 21 year veteran of the police department. Anfuso was born and raised in Rye. He is a graduate of the Rye City Schools and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.

Anfuso served as the head coach of the Rye High School varsity lacrosse team for three years, and worked for the Department of Public Works from 1995 until his appointment as a police officer in 1999. His family has a long history of service with the City.

The official statement from the Mayor follows:

“After 39 years of distinguished service to the City of Rye, Rob Falk has announced his retirement. The City will miss him.

Rob began his career in Rye as a patrol officer in 1982, with subsequent promotions to Sergeant in 1989 and Lieutenant in 1992. He was one of the first Rye police officers to attend the FBI police academy in Quantico. He served in virtually every role in the Police Department, including Administrative Sergeant and Commanding Officer of Patrol/Operations, in which capacity he provided oversight of the Marine Unit, Parking Enforcement, the Auxiliary Police Unit and all field operations.

On two occasions, Rob served the City as Safety Commissioner, first in 2014 and again during the period from 2018 to present. Over the last year, Rob was instrumental in the City’s review of all policing policies and an active representative of the PD on the City’s Police Department Review Committee. As Safety Commissioner, he has played an important role in the transition to career fire command and the acquisition of new fire apparatus.

Rob leaves the City having served it faithfully and well, and we wish him the very best.

Josh Cohn Mayor”


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