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Where I Work: Reverend Kate Malin of Christ’s Church

Where I Work - 07 -2021- Kate Malin Zoom
(PHOTO: Reverend Malin leading a Zoom service)

Where I Work showcases people who work in Rye. The feature is inspired in part by exploring how the pandemic has impacted our work environment and part by wanting to understand how and where people work inside the City of Rye.

Today we meet Reverend Kate Malin of Christ’s Church.

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Your Name: The Rev. Kate Malin

Your Company: Christ’s Church Rye

MyRye.com: What do you do?

Malin: I am an Episcopal priest and the rector of Christ’s Church. In an Episcopal Church, “rector” is the term used for the priest in charge of a parish.

Where do you work?

Where I Work - 07 -2021- Kate Malin Blessing of Animals
(PHOTO: Reverend Malin blessing a dog at the Blessing of Animals)

Malin: I work at Christ’s Church at the corner of Rectory Street and Milton Road.

On Sundays, the sanctuary is my work space as I preach from the pulpit, celebrate Holy Eucharist at the altar, and lead livestream worship for those tuning in from home. I have an office where I work during the week writing sermons, holding pastoral meetings, and doing the wide range of creative and administrative tasks that make up parish ministry.

The community outside the doors of the church is also my work space, for I am blessed to function as a spiritual leader in Rye for parishioners and non-parishioners alike.

Describe your desk and office. 

Where I Work - 07 -2021 - Kate Malin Desk
(PHOTO: Reverend Malin’s desk and view)

Malin: My office has huge windows looking out the church’s front lawn and four odd diagonal walls. The other walls are covered with icons, photos, diplomas, crosses, and paintings. On my desk you’ll find two computers, more icons, an orchid, an old Woodstock manual typewriter, a woodcarving from Malawi, Africa, lots of file folders, and some organ pipes!

My bookshelves are filled with lots of bibles, books about prayer, theology, liturgy, art, church history, poetry and baseball! One of my most precious possessions in my office is a painting by my friend Caroline Coolidge Brown with a Holy Spirit dove and the text from Acts 2, which is the Pentecost scripture in the bible. Around the edges are words from a birdwatching book. I received it on the occasion of my graduation from seminary and it inspires me daily.

Where I Work-07-2021- Kate Malin Pentecost Holy Spirit Dove Painting
(PHOTO: A painting of the Holy Spirit Dove with the text of the Pentecost scripture from the bible on a wall in Reverend Malin’s office.)


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