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Got School?

4 Girls at Midland
(PHOTO: A Midland posse ready for school.)

Got school?

Flood and pandemic can’t prevent the Rye City School District from opening for business. After a two day delay to clean up from Ida’s wrath, Rye schools welcomed back students on Monday. “Everyone in the schools was so excited to welcome students back for full-time in-person learning this morning,” said Eric Byrne, Superintendent of the Rye City School District.”

Midland Crossing Guard
(PHTO: Midland crossing guard.)

“We are incredibly appreciative of our custodians and buildings crew who have worked around the clock since Ida to make it possible for us to open today,” continued Byrne. “It was great to see how happy the kids were to be back — they were ready with new haircuts, new backpacks, new lunchboxes, and great big smiles for their friends and teachers.”

RMS 7th Graders
(PHOTO: 7th Grade, bring it.)

RHS Opening Day
(PHOTO: Rye “There Ain’t No Stink’in Flood” High School, open for business 2021.)

Midland Ball Family
(PHOTO: A Midland walk to school.)


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