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SAVED: Deer Extricated from Underneath Car

Rye FD&PD frees Bambi 2021-09-28
(PHOTO: Oh Deer!)

Oh Deer!

Rye PD and Rye FD were on Parsons Street Tuesday afternoon in front of the Rye High School and Middle School building to free a deer who slipped and became lodged underneath a parked car. The fire department staff are pros at deer extrication.

Reached for comment, the deer said “I’ve had a bad day. I’m considering a slip and fall case. Thanks to the FD and PD who always show up for the animals. In the meantime, I’m headed to the nearest yard to eat someone’s hosta bushes to feel better about myself. For me, that’s like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. No further comment.”*

*deer do not actually speak


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