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VOTE TUESDAY: Your Guide to Rye’s Choices

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(PHOTO: Voting is not that scary. Exercise your democratic right and vote on Tuesday. )

Make sure you vote on this Tuesday, November 2nd. Polls will be open 6am until 9pm. We’ll have all the results as they become available.

If you are confused by who is running for what, it is understandable. Here is the deal:

  1. Mayor. You have one choice – Josh Cohn is running unopposed. The real battle here was back in June when Cohn defeated Daniel Tagger-Epstein in the Democratic primary. You’ll still find Tagger-Epstein on the Working Families line, but she is not running an active campaign.
  2. City Council – three (3) available full, four-year terms. Pick three (3) – you have four choices: Incumbents Julie Souza and Ben Stacks, Lisa Tannenbaum (Democratic line) or Bill Henderson (GOP line)
  3. City Council – one (1) available partial, two-year term to fill Pam Tarlow’s council seat. Pick one – you have two choices: Jana Seitz (GOP line) or Josh Nathan (Democratic line).

If you don’t vote, then don’t complain! Watch the various debates, and read our MyRye.com Q&As with each candidate – the most exhaustive interviews available. Want to know what each candidate thinks about flooding, development, Playland, the master plan, the Pride flag and many other issues?

Then read each Q&A – follow the links:

What or who else will be on the ballot?

We are focused on bringing you all the detail you need about the Mayoral and City Council race. The Westchester Board of Elections has detail on all the county races (this includes Rye Guy and county boss George Latimer up for reelection against challenger Christine Sculti and County Legislator Catherine Parker running unopposed) as well as detail on a County wide proposition on ethics. There are five Statewide proposals and the League of Women Voters has a pamphlet with a write-up on each one.

Where do I vote?

Use this online lookup provided by Westchester County to find your polling place.


  1. Thank you to MyRye for this guide. Let me offer some clarifications:
    1. Mayor Josh Cohn is NOT running unopposed. He has an opponent on the Working Families Party Line. His opponent’s campaign manager is waging a vigorous social media campaign. Voters who want Josh as their mayor MUST VOTE to ensure his re-election.
    2. Incumbents Cohn, Souza and Stacks were endorsed by the Democratic Party and cross-endorsed by the Republican Party.
    3. A hasty reader who misses a comma might think Lisa Tannenbaum is an incumbent. She is a not an incumbent. She is a first-time candidate.

  2. Mayor Cohn is not running unopposed. Danielle Tagger-Epstein is on the ballot on the Working Families Party line. I hope everyone will join me in voting for her! (if you didn’t vote for her in the June Dem primary, you have another chance to tomorrow 11/2 Polls are open from 6AM-9PM!)


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