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Leaf Blower Summons Up as Council Considers New Blower Law

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(PHOTO: Gas leaf blowers may be banned under a new law.)

Leaf blower summons are up as city council considers clamping down with a new leaf blower law.

In a December 8th memo, Public Safety Commissioner Michael Kopy reported the PD responded to or observed 70 possible leaf blower violations and issued 36 summons in the month of November. In contrast, a year ago in November 2020, there were only 14 calls for potential violations and one single summons issued.

Proposed leaf blower changes being discussed at city council this week that may become part of a new leaf blower law include:

  • Landscapers must register annually to operate within the City limits.
  • Leaf blower use is slightly more restricted – October 1 and April 30 only (same as current) and Weekdays 8 am – 6 pm (currently 8pm) and Weekends 10 am – 4 pm (currently 4pm).
  • Gas leaf blowers would be banned. Effective January 2023, electric leaf blowers ONLY with maximum permitted intensity of 65 db(A).
  • Fines could be levied against both the landscaper and the homeowner. Fines start at $250 and escalate to $1,500.

There will be further discussion at the Rye City Council meeting Wednesday evening.


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