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Shopping Rye: Sarah Briginshaw of Sarza

Shopping Rye is an occasional feature about the people behind the stores in Rye. Do you want prime, same-day access to the very best? Shop Rye.

Today meet Sarah Briginshaw of Sarza.

(PHOTO: Sarah Briginshaw of Sarza.)
(PHOTO: Sarah Briginshaw of Sarza.)

Your Name: Sarah Briginshaw

Your Role: Owner, Sarza

MyRye.com: Describe yourself in one word

Briginshaw: Busy

How long has your business been in Rye, and where are you located?

Briginshaw: 5 years and we are at 84 Purchase street, Rye

(PHOTO: The Sarza store at 84 Purchase Street.)
(PHOTO: The Sarza store at 84 Purchase Street.)

Why did you originally choose Rye for your business? 

Briginshaw: I lived here and I fell in love with a store front

Is this your sole location, or do you have multiple locations? 

Briginshaw: sole brick and mortar location but online store too

Describe your clientele.

Briginshaw: Well traveled, philanthropic, design oriented

(PHOTO: Inside Sarza.)
(PHOTO: Inside Sarza.)

Describe the environment in your store.

Briginshaw: friendly, buzzing, chatty

Tell us about what you offer.

Briginshaw: Sarza offers contemporary African design products ranging from jewelry to wallpapers to furniture. People seek us out for our good quality product with amazing supplier back stories. Our products are hand made by small business people and have great stories.

Tell us about you. 

Briginshaw: I have a love for Africa and design and so when we came to the US it made sense to champion the creativity of my country. The timing was also good as it was a time when people were moving away from badly made bulk products to products which they could keep for a long time and treasure. Also they were more aware of the way products were made and by whom.

Thanks Sarah!


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