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LETTER: Residents Say Vote Parker Tuesday

In a letter to MyRye.com, local Rye residents say to vote for Catherine Parker in the Democratic primary for US House District 16 next Tuesday, August 23rd. Parker is running against incumbent Congressman Jamaal Bowman and peer Westchester County Legislator from District 4 Vedat Gashi. A fourth candidate Mark Jaffee, Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, has dropped out of the race.

The letter:

(PHOTO: Rye's Catherine Parker.)
(PHOTO: Rye’s Catherine Parker is running in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for U.S. House New York District 16.)

We have a unique opportunity to make a real difference in Washington, DC right now. And by that, we mean supporting Catherine Parker in this year’s Congressional primary on Tuesday, August 23rd. Early voting started on August 13th.

As longtime Rye residents and volunteers, we have all worked with Catherine Parker and trust her to vote in Congress as so many of us in Westchester would if we were all there to vote ourselves.

Catherine Parker knows how to represent Westchester:

  • She ran a successful small business here in Rye. She understands what that takes and the economic pressures we all face in Westchester, including the need to bring back the full SALT tax deduction.
  • Catherine has represented our community extremely well for 15 years as our City Council member (for six years) and County Legislator (nine years).

Catherine has delivered results and will continue to do so. She has:

  • Held the line on taxes (County taxes actually went down)
  • Supported flood mitigation and storm relief measures bringing millions of dollars of grants to Rye
  • Delivered County services and protected our parks and recreation areas in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner
  • Stood up for women’s rights
  • Ensured that diverse voices are heard and able to participate in our community
  • Stood up for common sense gun control

If you are frustrated with our current Congressional Representative Jamaal Bowman, support Catherine Parker:

  • Catherine would have voted for the infrastructure bill (unlike Bowman)
  • She would have voted for military aid for Ukraine (Bowman did not)
  • Catherine would have voted for the Abraham Accords, a peace accord for the middle east that Arabs and Israelis have been working on together and that recognizes Israel’s right to exist (yet again, Bowman did not support this)

If you think we need more sensible and pragmatic Democrats in Congress, please join us in supporting Catherine Parker.

If you want to be represented by a neighbor who actually lives and works in our newly-drawn Congressional District 16, vote for Catherine.

We have a unique opportunity to get a person in Congress whom we know and who has already proven to be an effective leader for Rye. Catherine will work hard for us to represent Rye and Westchester and to get us the federal funds we deserve.

Please join us in supporting Catherine Parker for Congress by either voting on August 23rd or by voting early or by absentee ballot. Let’s elect someone who will get things done in Washington, DC!

– Nicole Ball, Paul Benowitz, Rachel Breinin, Aileen and Ted Burdick, Jon and Ellen Elsen, Callie Erickson, Carolina Johnson and Josh Nathan



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